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Are you a company, a municipality or an institution and do you need to deliver your services more effectively? Our team brings you a solution tailored to your needs – with myGoSMS application.

Example of custom-made solutions

  • SMS allowances

    SMS allowances

    SMS allowance tickets are the most effective method to ensure a regulated entry to protected sites, parks or similar areas. Take a look, how did we help the municipality of Zaječov to modernize their allowance tickets system.

  • SMS broadcast

    SMS broadcast

    Communicate with your citizens via SMS messages to ensure a quick and seamless news delivery in a matter of seconds. In a moment, you’ll inform a high number of citizens about events in the municipality or about a sudden critical situation.

  • Parking SMS

    Parking SMS

    Would you like to simplify collecting of parking fees in a city or town? One of very effective methods is collecting fees via parking SMS messages.

  • SMS fare tickets

    SMS fare tickets

    Make public transport more pleasant for the passengers by offering them the option to buy a fare ticket simply via SMS.

  • Voting polls

    Voting polls

    Are you organizing an event that could make use of voting in any poll via SMS messages? You can use our services even here and engage the widest possible spectrum of voters.

  • Service subsriptions

    Service subsriptions

    Are you a publisher of a magazine, journal or newspaper? Or are you offering a different service online, requiring subscription fees? Your clients could make use of prepaying for the content via SMS messages.

  • Collecting fees

    Collecting fees

    Streamline collecting fees in your municipality and offer your citizens to pay via SMS. Not only will it simplify the whole process, but you’ll also lighten your own administrative burden.

  • Charging online wallets

    Charging online wallets

    Do you own a fitness center, a cafeteria or possibly a library? Do you plan to offer your customers payments from a prepaid online credit? Meet your clients half way and enable them to recharge their online wallets simply via SMS messages.


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We have helped the municipality of Zaječov to modernise giving out allowances to drive through the local landscape park

The Zaječov municipality representation was looking for a solution to help them shrink the growing bureaucracy burden giving out driving allowances for the Brdy landscape park on daily basis. The myGoSMS service has replaced the manual handing of papers with a modern way of SMS messaging. You can learn more about the whole process, and all the problems myGoSMS has removed, in the case study.

Read the whole case study

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