Marketing SMS that bring results

Do you want to quickly reach customers with an attractive SMS offer that will never fall into SPAM or include e-mail marketing in your communication? Connect everything in one system and try Reago.

What does Reago offer?

  • Sending SMS

    Sending SMS

    Send SMS messages that your customers will read in a few minutes.

  • Creating and sending newsletters

    Creating and sending newsletters

    Create a professional-looking newsletter that you can send in no time.

  • Collection and management of contacts

    Collection and management of contacts

    Collect and manage your contacts right in one app, one place.

  • Link to your GoSMS account

    Link to your GoSMS account

    Easy connection to a GoSMS account. You can use your credit in two applications.

  • Resolved GDPR

    Resolved GDPR

    Recipients can unsubscribe from your SMS and newsletters without having to deal with or set up anything.

How much does the application cost?

Free forever up to 200 contacts

With the Reago FREE tariff, you can use up to 200 contacts forever for free.

  • Access to all Reago features.
  • Ability to send 1,500 emails to 200 contacts per month.
  • You have everything in one place, in one application.