Who can use GoSMS?

GoSMS gateway is well suited for effective communication between you and the clients in your database.

  • E-shops and businesses

    Use your contact database smartly and build positive relationship with your clients through notification and marketing SMS.

  • Logistics

    Quickly inform your clients about the status of their shipment or the delivery schedule.

  • Financial services

    Offer your clients an interesting financial proposal, or remind them of their debt commitments.

  • Restaurants, acommodations and other public services

    Take care of your customers and offer them an interesting food experience, discounted accomodation, free tickets to events and other gifts.

  • Municipalities and public administration

    Are you helding a ball, is there a scheduled power shortage or do you need to inform about an election term? o termínu voleb? Address your citizens most effectively via SMS messages. No commitment, you only pay what you actually send.

  • Schools, clubs and associations

    Inform parents, students or club members about important ventures, trips or exceptional events in a quick moment.

  • Agencies

    Do you own a marketing or development agency and are interested in offering the SMS service to your clients as well? Do not hesitate to add group SMS sending to your own services portfolio.

Communicate quickly, effectively and with low costs.
GoSMS is here for you!

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